Suitable for Any Material

Burn the target with heat, our machines are ideal for marking and engraving Metals, Plastics, wood, paper, ceramic, Acrylic, Leather, Fabric, rocks, and Glass.

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Precise Designs

Get precise designs and markings on diverse materials. With the ability to produce fine details at high resolutions.

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Easy to Use

The ease of use and automation features further enhance productivity, making our laser machines indispensable tools for everyone.

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Laser Applications

Laser Marking

Laser Engraving

Laser Cutting


How Long is the delivery time?

For Glavo lasers(UV laser, fiber laser marking machine, CO2 galvo laser), we ship by air, our customers can get machine around 18 days after payment.

For CO2 gantry laser, we delivery by sea, our customers can get machine around 70 days after payment.

for US/Canada, you can get the machine about 14 days after payment. quotation including door to door air shipping and tax(you don't need deal with customs and no need pay import taxes). For EU countries, We have two delivery methods. Method 1 is a faster delivery time (delivery is around 10 days after payment), we can put a lower good value on the customs invoice so any potential import fees will be less. Method 2 is a slower delivery time, (delivery is around 25 days after payment), there is no fees to pay with this method and you don't need deal with customs / import fees etc. For other countries, we can not included tax, and it takes about 20 days after payment

Which carrier do you use?

We usual use UPS, FedEx, DHL...

Do you have warranties?

Yes, you can find warranty for each laser machine in product page.

Do you offer service after sale?

Yes, we have after sale service engineers, they provide life time technical support. If any parts has quality problem, we will send the parts to you for free, and we bear all costs of it.

What kind of payment method you support?

You can pay via Paypal/Credit/Wire transfer. Wire transfer takes longer time(around 1-3days), but has lowest fees(around 30USD). All works for us. If you want pay via credit card/Paypal(around 2.99% fees), we have to use Alibaba. If you want pay us via bank transfer, we can do it with/without Alibaba. I recommend wire transfer(on Alibaba) for less fees. both domestic and international wire transfer works

What is the difference between the three version machines?

The fiber laser is a great tool for engraving metals and a few other materials. Speed is the biggest advantage on most of its products but it also opens you up to a lot of new products that you can mark, engrave, and cut. Best advantage: speed, metal engraving/cutting The UV can surface mark almost anything but it’s engraving power is lost on most (no depth) but not all materials. So you will be able to mark way more items (organic, synthetic, and inorganic) but are limited by power and focal depth that a fiber can offer. Best advantage: frosted glass engraving very fast with no cleanup, lots of materials you can mark. CO2 galvo laser mainly for non metal materia, and it is best for coated tumbler marking

What size lens I can choose?

There are few different size of lens, such as 70X70mm 110X110mm 150X150mm 175X175mm 210X210mm and 300X300mm. 70X70mm lens means the max marking size is 70X70mm., 300X300mm means the max working size is 300X300mm. the smaller size the lens is, the better beam and stonger the laser is. the bigger size the lens is, the weaker power is. so if we want deep marking, we should use smaller lens, when we want bigger file marking, we can use bigger size lens.

Do you have rotary?

You have a choice of 3 rotary, a smaller one for making jewellry rings etc, then a larger 80mm head and a larger again 100mm head rotary. i advise unless doing rings etc just get the 100mm as it can do everything the 80mm can and more

What about training?

We will make the group with my engineer(in China) after you get the machine, and they will help you to set up and use the machine. Life time technical support.

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